A Dependable and Principled Partner

Whether serving as a prime or subcontractor, PGBA is a principled partner who operates with the highest standards of integrity. We are committed to the success of every member of the team and seek partners with similar values.

We are recognized within the industry for delivering consistently high performance. Our specially trained, long-tenured personnel collaborate on complex situations and unexpected challenges.

PGBA has a long record of achievement in teaming with small businesses, and we encourage new small business partnerships.

We pursue partners whose work demonstrates a record of integrity and reliable performance. We seek strategic alliances with partners whose expertise and capabilities complement our own — mutually strengthening our competitive advantage.

PGBA looks for partners who:

  • Uphold the highest degree of ethical behavior and trustworthiness
  • Honor all contractual commitments 
  • Adhere rigorously to quality and compliance requirements

Let's discuss how our combined capabilities can produce stronger solutions.