Fiscal Administration

End-to-End Accounting Services for Fiscal Integrity and Compliance

PGBA’s full range of accounting services supports payment processing, financial reporting, collections, bank reconciliations, and 1099 processing and reporting. In every practice, we place strong emphasis on accuracy, formal compliance programs, and a high degree of auditability.

We use established systems and procedures that comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), cost-accounting standards (CAS), federal acquisition regulations (FAR), and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines.

Our finance professionals average more than 21 years of tenure at PGBA, and accounting experience is required for all of our non-management staff. We employ strict security requirements, and we vet all employees with a comprehensive background screening for criminal records and credit issues.

Key Advantages:

  • $12.4 billion in payments processed through tens of millions of transactions
  • Strong compliance program emphasizing HIPAA conformance
  • 96% collection rate of accounts receivable
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant mail processing center
  • Customized financial reports
  • Millions of transactions reconciled via interactions with various banking platforms and our internal ledger system
  • Refund Monitoring and Management System (RMMS) tracks recoupments, sends scheduled collection letters, and triggers offsets of future payments

Payment Processing
PGBA processes more than $12.4 billion in payments through tens of millions of transactions each year. We work with government vouchering and approval processes, as well as other companies. We release payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or physical checks.

Mail Center
Our HIPAA-compliant, highly secure mail center controls the movement of forms from printing through delivery to the on-site post office.

PGBA’s Refund Monitoring and Management System (RMMS) tracks recoupments, sends collection letters based on preset schedules, triggers offsets of future payments, and allows manual application of received payments.

Banking and Reporting
We reconcile transactions interacting with various banking platforms and our internal ledger system. We also produce financial statements in each customer’s preferred format.

PGBA processes 1099s for all payments in accordance with IRS regulations. We fully comply with the IRS B Notice process, including backup withholding of payments for non-compliant payees.

Talk to us about your fiscal fitness goals and audit readiness.