At PGBA, we are life-long learners, continually striving to improve while seeking the next great idea. We promote an environment of continuous improvement through open communication and employee investment. Our continuous process improvement ensures that our solutions – claims administration, web systems integration, data management, multi-channel contact center operations, fiscal administration, and membership enrollment and billing services help – help customers meet their strategic goals and objectives. Our associates are encouraged and empowered to question existing processes and explore ways to improve procedures to better meet customer needs.

Our values are shared ideas and principles that guide the way we work with each other and with our clients. They shape everything we do and you will find them at the heart of our approach to:

Communication  |  Responsibility  |  Integrity  |  Service  |  People  |  Innovation  |  Quality

We recruit and hire dedicated, highly skilled individuals with varying life and career experiences. Their diverse backgrounds, talents, and points of view serve as catalysts for innovation, and the different attitudes and cultural experiences they bring are key to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers.

Training and Quality Programs
PGBA employees benefit from world-class training. Sensitivity, privacy, and medical terminology trainings are among the many classroom instructions required of our customer service professionals. This in-depth coaching and preparation equips them to discuss personal health issues appropriately and without bias. Specialized, focused training such as, “Understanding Military Life” improve our interactions with our highly valued customers. Training always includes an emphasis on listening skills and empathy.

Employee quality assessment practices are equally important. We monitor and assess calls, then provide face-to-face coaching and feedback to optimize call performance. Managers who conduct quality assessments are required to participate in quarterly calibration sessions to ensure consistent application of quality audit scoring.

Community Involvement
PGBA's culture of accountability, ownership and innovation is not limited to our core business. We are equally dedicated to serving the communities in which we live, work and play by supporting a wide variety of non-profit causes and charities. From providing corporate sponsorships to participating in employee-led, in-office fundraisers and activities, the PGBA team has facilitated meaningful and measurable support to a wide variety of philanthropic endeavors.