Membership and Billing

PGBA offers a comprehensive solution that features state-of-the-art enrollment and billing at the member, subscriber and group level. Our enrollment system provides online, real-time updates with the ability to track different benefits and coverage options.

PGBA offers expertise in enrollment, billing, secure systems integration and enhanced customer service. Eligibility and enrollment functions can link to our customer's eligibility systems, government systems or our own internally developed repository. Our interactive enrollment and billing system provides functionality and capability to support your enrollment activities such as a:

  • repository for enrollment data
  • tool for user interface with enrollment information
  • tool for cash management and billing functionality
  • source of reports and data extracts

PGBA enrollment and billing system handles recurring billing cycles according to your schedule. PGBA offers multiple payment methods to members for enrollment premiums including credit card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and other methods, such as payroll deduction. Our system integrates seamlessly with web portals and is highly secure, flexible and easy to use.