Data Analytics

PGBA is highly proficient at analyzing data to monitor performance levels that meet client-defined and regulatory standards. We generate ongoing reports that provide dashboard indicators as well as in-depth analyses on claims management and customer service.

As a tool to provide additional, meaningful documentation to clients and regulatory agencies, we are currently examining "Control Point Monitoring." This technology ensures that all process controls and claims workload management systems are being tracked and that all issues are reported. The system allows us to monitor possible failure points in document control, workload management, scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), faxgate and INFOrm (a system that creates a record for follow-up and documentation of customer service transactions). PGBA works closely with our customers to develop a full suite of reports and reporting tools to monitor and track all of your key metrics.  We can customize something to your needs or you can build from our vast library of reports that may quickly and affordably fit your needs.  PGBA provides ad-hoc reporting services as well as routine, standard reporting.