Successful companies are learning organizations, with leaders and associates who never stop absorbing new information, questioning their own performance, and looking for the next great idea. That's PGBA.

This spirit of next is what defines us, and makes us different from other BPO organizations. We're not here to simply apply processes we know that work. We're here to continually turn the page, to inspire both ourselves and our clients with new possibilities and pragmatic solutions. We accomplish both ends of the spectrum by acknowledging each other's talent and expertise, by eliminating obstacles to communications, and upholding each other every day.


Our values are shared ideas and principles that guide the way we choose to work together, and with our clients. They're also directly linked to the objectives and ideals of our compliance program. At PGBA, you'll find these values at the heart of everything we endeavor to do:

  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • People
  • Innovation
  • Quality


Putting a staff in place that has diversity in outlook, attitude, and cultural experience is key to understanding and meeting the needs of health plans and their plan members. So we recruit and hire passionate, highly skilled individuals with different life and career experiences who then come together as a team to serve our customers. Further, we believe engaging people with diverse backgrounds, talents, and points of view are a catalyst for innovation and ideation.

Training and Quality Programs

PGBA employees benefit from world-class training on a number of levels. For our customer service professionals, sensitivity, privacy and medical terminology trainings are among the many required classroom instructions that equip them to discuss personal health issues appropriately and without bias.

Employee quality assessment practices are equally important. We monitor and assess calls, then provide face-to-face coaching and feedback to optimize call performance. Managers who conduct quality assessments are required to participate in quarterly calibration sessions to ensure consistent application of quality audit scoring.

In addition to individual quality assessments, our quality departments conduct focused, random and stratified assessments. Our independent corporate audit and corporate compliance areas also conduct a variety of audits including focused corporate audits, privacy audits, risk assessments and management internal control reviews. The quality management system is monitored through ongoing internal ISO audits and annual external ISO audits.

Compliance program

Our commitment to compliance is so core to our organization that we created a dedicated compliance division in the mid 90s, independent of business operations. This division has brought a new level of independent guidance and clarity to our compliance efforts, furthering our ability to develop tailored quality plans for PGBA clients. For example, professionals in this area collaborate with clients to formulate and agree upon performance standards that meet their specific expectations, as well as our own benchmarks for quality and accuracy. Our robust compliance program provides constant guidance regarding the protection of our customerís protected health information (PHI).  Our compliance program is HIPAA focused and reminds our company and our clients to be directed by the premise of always doing the right thing.  Frequent training and ongoing education by the compliance team as well as audits and reviews keeps everyone up to date.  PGBA makes a separately contracted compliance hotline available to everyone so that events can be reported quickly and if desired, anonymously.

Best practices environment

Given our experience, PGBA can apply an evidence-based approach to monitoring protocols and making process improvements. Through monitoring and measuring repeatable procedures, we continually build a body of performance data that serves as best practice for our company and our industry.

On a relationship level, PGBA promotes an environment of continuous improvement through open communication and employee involvement. Our associates are encouraged and empowered to question existing processes and explore ideas on how to improve procedures to better meet customer needs.

Community involvement

PGBA's culture of innovation, ownership and accountability is not limited to our core business. We are equally as committed to serving the communities in which we live, work and play by supporting a wide variety of non-profit causes and charities.

From providing corporate sponsorships to participating in employee-led, in-office fundraisers and activities, the PGBA team has facilitated meaningful and measurable support to a wide variety of philanthropic endeavors, such as the United Way, Junior Achievement, March of Dimes, Florence and Grand Strand Humane Society, American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club, American Cancer Society, American Alzheimerís Society and many others.  Because of our decades long history of serving the United States military with our TRICARE and VA contracts, PGBA employees are especially proud of our support for events and charities that benefit and support our military families.  This includes the Heroes of Military Medicine awards, Myrtle Beach Military Appreciation Days, Fisher House and through our grass roots Military Appreciation Committee we support local agencies such as Blue Star Mothers and the Veteranís Welcome Home and Resource Center.